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Let’s build this Gospel bridge TOGETHER!! We want to equip you to reach your city more effectively with resources, relationships, spiritual covering, and ongoing training for you - and your entire church team.

Credentialed ministers of City Harvest Network covenant with the Holy Spirit and this soul-winning ministry to:
  • Abide by biblical standards of character and conduct, as described in City Harvest Network’s Statements of Responsibility, Truth and Ethical Conduct
  • Conduct ministry and personal business affairs with honesty and financial accountability
  • Maintain a lifestyle of marital fidelity, sexual purity, and moral integrity
  • Commit to soul-winning AND
  • Support City Harvest Network financially with a percentage of your monthly income (individual or ministry)
When you connect with City Harvest Network, you receive:
  • Spiritual covering with recognized ministerial credentials for yourself and your entire ministry team.**
    This includes a team dedicated to praying for you and your ministry.
  • Satisfaction knowing you and your congregation’s monthly financial contribution is furthering the work of the Gospel world-wide*
  • Special discounts to continue education through Valor Christian College (for yourself AND any students you recommend)
  • 50% off resources from Pastor Rod Parsley
  • Coming soon: Leadership training, tools, and tips from seasoned City Harvest Mentors, including Pastor Rod Parsley
*Many ministries choose to include their monthly contributions in their missions budgets for this reason.

**TEAM Connect is available for approved senior leaders who desire to credential other members of their ministry staff.


TEAM is for those seeking ministerial recognition for themselves and recommended members of their ministry team. This connection is especially designed for executive leaders. Team credentials are issued in the team’s name and are valid while the individual remains employed or affiliated with that specific team. Teams contribute a percentage of their monthly ministry income to continue as a credentialed TEAM in good standing with City Harvest Network.

INDIVIDUAL is for those seeking ministerial recognition for themselves. Examples might include itinerant ministers, chaplains, evangelists and missionaries. Credentials are renewed monthly until cancelled by the individual. Individuals contribute a percentage of their personal income monthly to continue as a credentialed INDIVIDUAL in good standing with City Harvest Network.

Individuals may also connect with City Harvest Netowrk without seeking ministerial credentials. This is primarily for LAYPERSONS who commit to faithfully pray for this ministry while supporting ongoing soul-winning and humanitarian relief efforts with their regular financial gifts.


Once deciding whether you would like to CONNECT with City Harvest Network as an INDIVIDUAL or a TEAM, you will need to determine which type of ministerial credential best fits your current situation. There are two types of ministerial credentials available to qualified applicants:
  • ORDINATION: awarded to those working full-time in ministry and whose primary source of income is derived from ministry sources
  • LICENSURE: awarded to those working part-time or less in ministry, or those whose primary source of income comes from non-ministry sources.


A one-time $300 application fee is required from ministers applying for credentials with City Harvest Network. This application fee is non-refundable and non-tax deductible.

Special application fee promotions are available for ACTIVE members of the former World Harvest Ministerial Alliance (WHMA) and City Reach Network ministers. Please email or call us at 614-382-1135 between the hours of 9am – 5pm EST, Tuesday through Friday to speak with a team member about your eligibility.

Once approved, credentialed ministers (and committed laypersons) of City Harvest Network covenant with the Holy Spirit to support this ministry financially with a percentage of their monthly income – either personally or from their ministry. Many choose to give 10% or 5% of their monthly income through the convenience of automated giving. You can set up your monthly contributions by clicking GIVE.

Here at City Harvest Network we are passionate about two main things: WINNING SOULS and PLANTING CHURCHES.

Monthly financial contributions received by City Harvest Network are designated to support planting new churches and helping the hurting through Bridge of Hope projects. For this reason, many ministries choose to include their monthly contributions in their existing missions budgets.

Please note: A monthly financial commitment is required to maintain any ministerial credentials which have been awarded. You may choose to update or stop your monthly commitment at any time.

To speak with a City Harvest team member about your financial commitment options, please call 614-382-1135 between 9am – 5pm EST, Tuesday through Friday.


PRAY and ask the Holy Spirit how much He would have you contribute monthly to City Harvest Network
DISCUSS your application with a City Harvest team member to determine your eligibility
DECIDE if you or your team desire to receive credentials at this time (separate applications are required for team members with the executive leader’s recommendation. Email for details).
SUBMIT your application for consideration along with your application fee and monthly commitment preferences. Apply Now to get started: