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City Harvest Network Members, seize this exclusive opportunity to enrich the spiritual journey of your congregation with Dr. Rod Parsley's transformative book, Idolatry In America. For a limited time, you can acquire Idolatry In America in bulk for $10 each, a substantial discount from their usual price of $20. This offer extends the chance to impact not only individual lives but also the collective spirit of your community.

In Idolatry In America, Dr. Rod Parsley dives into the timeless wisdom of Jeremiah 50:38, illustrating the consequences of idolatry that befell the ancient kingdom of Babylon. Drawing parallels to today's modern idolatry rampant in our culture, the book provides God's answers to counteract these pervasive influences. From addressing the cult-like devotion to abortion and the rampant demands for unrestrained sexual rights to the insatiable lust for wealth and power, Dr. Rod Parsley offers a compelling plan for revival and spiritual purification.

Don't miss the chance to be part of a spiritual movement that confronts cultural epidemics and leads towards a profound transformation.

YES, Pastor Parsley!
I am praying and standing with you to spark revival, share the Gospel, end idolatry, and transform lives by the power of the Holy Spirit across the nation and around the world:

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