City Harvest Network

Change Your Season

Your dominion harvest is on the way: we’re believing 2020 is the year that begins a DECADE of dominion for God’s Kingdom!

Whether this is your first year hearing the revelation of the Resurrection Seed, or you’ve participated with me in this word before, we know that God has something unique in store for you and your ministry in 2020. We are believing God that THIS will be YOUR year of dominion harvest! The wait is over and the weight is about to lift!

Resurrection Seed is a 35-year proven blessing. One word from God transformed Dr. Parsley’s ministry as a young church planter and now he’s releasing that word to you! We believe it can do the same transformative work for you, your ministry, and your family.

Please let us know how you will be participating either individually or as a church. Dr. Parsley wants to pray for you, your family, and your ministry twice daily with targeted prayer in this miraculous season.

Also, please let us know how many fasting guides and seed-velopes you will need for your church.

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Please complete the form below to let me know your plan for participating in Resurrection Seed and request your resources!

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