City Harvest Network

The world is focused on the rapidly unfolding events inside Israel and along her borders. This weekend’s unprecedented attack is an unconscionable wholesale slaughter of innocent Israeli citizens by Iranian-backed terrorist group Hamas. Hamas and Hezbollah have declared the attack a warning to any Muslim country seeking peace with Israel. Our greatest ally, the beacon of democracy in the middle east, Israel is at war. Devastating grief grips the nation and those who love her worldwide. These attacks are to Israel what the terror attacks of September 11, 2001 were to the United States.

It pains me to realize that the number of Israeli civilians killed in the past three days is the greatest number since the Holocaust. The evil displayed for God’s chosen people also mirrors what the world witnessed during World War II. It’s vital for Bible scholars to note that Hamas titled this invasion “Al-Aqsa,” meaning in defense of Temple Mount. That holy spot in God’s most holy city will certainly be ground zero in the battle to end all battles. As I noted in The Finale; “to the world’s one billion plus Muslims…the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the iconic Dome of the Rock, … is the third holiest piece of real estate in the Islamic world.” The disturbing current events do not write the final chapter. “The Lord will strike all the peoples who go to battle against Jerusalem” (Zechariah 14:12). As that day approaches we continue to pray for Israel, its leadership, and its military, and for those that grieve. We stand with you.

Joni and I, and our ministry team, are in earnest prayer for the safe return of those innocents taken hostage and the families of men, women, and children – including a number of American citizens – who have lost their lives in this unprecedented attack on Israel, the only sure ally the United States has in this region. It is imperative that we support them. The God of the Angel Armies will protect Israel and bless those who bless her.

Prayers for Israel's Peace,

Pastor Rod Parsley