City Harvest Network

Pastor Robert Charles Matthews, Jr.

Pastor Robert Charles Matthews, Jr. (also known as Pastor RJ) was born on July 2, 1984. He is the proud husband to Cycelia D. Matthews, father to Robert Charles Matthews III ("3J"), Micah Jeremiah Matthews ("MJ") and Faith Zamir Matthews. After graduating from Columbus High School in 2002, he went on to World Harvest Bible College under Pastor Rod Parsley where he studied advanced pastoral leading. While in Bible College he founded U-Turn Youth Ministries and has since impacted thousands of young people. It is based out of his hometown and has been going strong for 9 powerful years!

​After Bible College, Pastor Matthews returned to his hometown and served as interim pastor of his childhood church home. He was installed as senior pastor on January 11, 2008. Since his installation, the ministry has seen tremendous growth and the name has been changed to Kingdom Vision International Church (often referred to as KVIC).

Listen as he talks about the benefits and advantages of being connected with Dr. Rod Parsley and City Harvest Network.

Pastor Jeff and Farrah Coleman

From Accelerate Bootcamp 10.10.18, Pastor Jeff & Farrah Coleman from Maryville, Tennessee talk about the advantages of and the privilege it is to being connected with Dr. Rod Parsley and City Harvest Network.

Pastor Jeff & Farrah Coleman pastor a thriving church in Maryville, Tennessee called New Harvest Church.

Started in Nov 2017, they completed a successful relaunch of their church through City Harvest Network and now the church has exploded in the Maryville area through city outreaches and dynamic evangelism.

They give all the credit of their success to God… “God just orchestrated this ahead of us” and Dr. Rod Parsley through City Harvest Network.

Pastor Evans Kariuki

Pastor Evans Kariuki On Thursday August 23, 2018, my wife and I urgently needed a significant financial breakthrough in our ministry to get us through to the next quarter of our missions work in Africa and our efforts in our local church in Tennessee.

We discussed sowing out of what we have which was $5,000, but we couldn’t really agree on whether to sow $1,000 then pay off a few financial commitments or the whole $5,000, which was all we had at that time. The choice was either give SOME of it or ALL of it.

As we were talking at our breakfast table we got a Facebook notification that Valor Chapel was live and we clicked and began to watch.

The chapel was powerful as we could feel God speaking directly to us through Pastor Parsley. Nearing the end of the service, the Spirit of God began moving people to donate computers and several people began sowing computers into the lives of the Valor students. We saw this as our opportunity to give. I logged online and the system was jammed so I texted Chad and asked how we can join in with the giving. He responded and we committed to sow three computers.

My wife began looking at some computers online so we could send them to Valor. At that point Pastor Parsley mentioned that Pastor Evans and Ashley Kariuki had donated three computers for Valor students and that amounts to a $5,000 SEED!


We sowed the $5,000 and waited in confidence for our miracle.

Nothing seemed to happen for a few days but we kept believing for our miracle breakthrough. God has given us complete peace concerning our financial situation. On August 27, I received a text message that we had received a donation of $37,700. It was a huge financial breakthrough for us, and God reminded me that all He was waiting for was our obedience. Our miracle was on the other side of our obedience.

Thank you Pastor Parsley and Valor Christian College for giving the opportunity to us to bless the Valor students so God could release what we needed financially so we could do His work the remainder of the year and beyond.

Pastor Evans and Ashley Kariuki

Pastor Cunningham

Accident photo Pastor Cunningham was involved in a rear end car accident last Tuesday evening while coming home. The van was a 2500 series work van. His estimated speed was 55-60 mph on impact. Pastor Cunningham was standing still at impact. He was rushed by ambulance to our local hospital.

There they performed scans and X-rays. THEY COULD NOT FIND ANYTHING!! NO BLEEDING OR BROKEN BONES!!!

He was released from the hospital the same night and told he would be very sore. And to make sure he gets plenty of rest! One of his sons witnessed the entire accident!

We are still thanking God for his protection! And yes, the car is totaled!!

Pastor Medina Pullings

Dr. Medina Pullings is an international conference speaker, Pastor, preacher, wife, mother, mentor, entrepreneur, television host, fashion designer, song-writer, and teacher whose life is reaching many around the world. She is also a member of the City Harvest Network ministry of Dr. Rod Parsley.

Listen as she tells her testimony of what it means to be connected to Dr. Parsley and City Harvest Network…

Pastor Chuck Salvo

Pastor Rod Parsley and Pastor Chuck Salvo Pastor Chuck Salvo, a member of City Harvest Network and the Senior Pastor at On Fire Christian Center in Louisville, KY, recently visited Pastor Rod Parsley and World Harvest Church where he shared this incredible testimony that we know will encourage you:

“A SEED opposes an attack to where it cannot prosper. Pastor, the devil tried to stop our school six months ago when I thought we had a $75,000 deficit. At that time, I wrote a $1,000 check to plant to World Harvest Church. While I had the check written, I had yet to put it in the ground. However, the next day someone handed me a $41,000 check. Six months later our school year finished and as it turned out, we didn’t need $75,000. We needed $41,000…the EXACT amount of the check that was given to us the day after I decided in my heart to sow.“

“The POWER of a SEED!!! It stopped Satan’s attack from prospering. Not to mention in those six months we were able to put new carpet in the church, we put $35,000 into our sound system, we put $30,000 into our foyer and we put $90,000 in the bank for our new gym. And on top of all that we were also able to give $16,000 to Uganda to complete our orphanage. My God…the POWER of a SEED! I pray this testimony encourages pastors. Our God is more than enough!”